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Read a story of our company development throughout the last 20 years ever since we entered the industry of commercial and residential interiors production.


It all started in early 1997 in a village nearby Litomysl called Dolni Ujezd where we began the window and stairs manufacture with just two employees. Ever since, the company grew up rapidly, let’s take a look on how everything went.


It all begin in early 1997, when the company named Truhlarstvi Pavel Rejman, started to produce wooden window and stair products. More and more orders started to come in and we expanded the services to producing residential interiors as well.


In 2002, we started the investments in development of technologies, which proved to have a huge impact on the company later on. Our first purchase was a large shaping saw and a plastering machine which helped us increase production capabilities and cover a higher demand needs of specific furniture.


Next step happened in 2006 when first commercial inquiries came in. Our production started to grow rapidly and employees became being hired on monthly basis. Back then, we already had 10 people working in production and 2 supervisors, that year office space was also built.


We are investing in a purchase of another brand new technologies to extend our work capabilities and top quality products.


Since 2006, production was increasing on yearly basis and a higher production room was needed. That is why in 2010 company purchased land and old buildings nearby village of Pohodli, Czech Republic. Building went through renovation and new headquarters made of 1600 square meters was being built.


Renovation was fully completed in 2011 and midway through the year the company was moved to the new building and production hall.


In 2012 new production system called IMOS was implemented. It helped us not only to increase our production capabilities but also provide our employees with effective control of company processes. Company also invested in a purchase of another Holzher technologies.


Once again the company is investing in technologies purchasing a vacuum press and a drilling machine CNC Weeke.


Next year we are using public funding for a purchase of new edge plastering machine Homag and expand the production to varnishing and burning out rooms.


In 2016 our production hall needs more room again, so new finishing and packing rooms are being bulit as well as machine room extended. TPR team already includes 35 members.


2018 was a big year for us, after succeeding in Calvin Klein project new hall in Litomysl, Czech Republic was built in order to extend our service portfolio to concrete finishing. Another building close by the company headquarters was purchased for renovation purposes and TPR is building more office spaces.


Another big purchase of technologies, we are getting the robotic stock machine Winstore 3D K2 which is bringing our efficiency in stocking and material handling to the maximum.


We are trying our work environment better again, the central air venting system Coima is being implemented in order to clear out the production air system and get rid of the waste. Making another step forward, TPR nabytek joins the association of czech furniture manufacturers. We are being mentioned by front Czech furniture magazine as an unique solution for inovating production capabilities.


There are new technologies again added to our production. Modern saw Altendorf as well as veneer automatic machine. The history of TPR now officially reaches the milestone of 25 years of experience.


We acquire a new facility in Nova Ves near Litomysl with additional 600 square meters of production space. New technologies added to our portfolio include leveling sander COSTA, floor press ORMA and new CNC machine Homag Drillteq. We also increase our stock storage with additional 1700 square meters.

We provide a wide range of services.


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