TPR s.r.o.

Cista 424
569 56, Cista, Czech Republic
Company ID: 05348781
VAT ID: CZ05348781

We make the world more beautiful.

We work as a team and are super excited about welcoming new members on board.

Pavel Rejman

managing owner

Ivana Rejmanova

managing owner

Lukas Lustyk

chief operating officer

Jan Nadvornik

head of drawings department

Vaclav Strasak

drawings designer

Vit Bostik

applications manager

Ing. Karel Rehak

drawings designer

Tomas Svec


Monika Novotna


Lukas Rejman

strategic buyer

Dana Brunova


Lucie Tomasova

front desk

Milan Hurny

production manager

Tomas Odehnal

Technology supervisor

Ing. Tomas Strasak

Stock supervisor

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