TPR s.r.o.

The company was founded in 1997 with a main focus on furniture production. Today, TPR has much more various services portfolio including fully customized interiors design of appartments, buildings and a delivery of specific POP units. Our main goal is to keep up the very best quality of final products which is being managed thanks to the most latest technology equipment as well as flexible and loyal team of employees.

Commercial interiors

We create, produce, deliver and assembly fully customized interiors of restaurants, coffee shops, bars and clubs, retail or wholesale stores. Our team of designers offers various material, design and layout solutions based on any customer requests.

Restaurants / Hotel interiors / Offices & Conferrence rooms / Store interiors / Front desks / Car dealerships / Sport centers / Customized units


Appartment interiors

Our company vision is to use various material solutions when working on appartment interiors. The best quality is always guaranteed because of our repeated investments to renovation and a use of most latest technologies.

Door / Kitchen / Living room / Bathroom furniture / Bedroom / Bulit-in closets / Tables / Banquette furniture / Stairs / Lobby / Wall sidings